Shade Sail Design

At Peninsula Shade Sails, we believe in delivering ‘quality through design’ and take great care to ensure our sails and structures provide both form and function.

Shade Sail Design: All our sails are designed with the use of CAD (computer aided design) software. Each design is individual, and is first created in 2-D form on-site. Our design team has a thorough understanding of the sun’s movement and position, especially how it impacts each site differently due to the way the site itself faces.

After working through the initial 2-D design, Peninsula Shade Sails can provided a full 3-D drawing of the area to be covered. Once this 3-D drawing is completed, a site-specific shade analysis is run showing the shade that the sail is going to provide at any time of the day or year. Get your design today and ensure your shade sail installation in a succsess

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