360 Degree Shade Sail Tour

360 Degree Shade Sail Tour

Please use your mouse to rotate your view of our sails at the the Pelikan Societe Cafe.

These shade sails have now been renovated into a waterproof PVC structure (please see article below for photos) if you would like to have a look in person why not head over for a coffee.

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Cafe Shade Renovation

Pelikan Societe Hastings – Cafe & Restaurant Shade Renovation 


Pelikan Societe Hastings is a popular café located in the heart of Hastings. The café is known for its delicious food, friendly service, and ideal location on the Foreshore. When the Hastings aquatic center was first built it had shade sails installed over the outdoor dining area.  While these shade sails made for a great outdoor eating area in summer the increasing popularity of the Pelikan Societe cafe meant more seating area was required. In order to acheive this Peninsula Shade Sails was contracted by the Mornington Shire Council to install a new waterproof PVC shade structure over the outdoor area.

The new shade structure has a number of advantages over the old shade sails, including:

  • Durability: The new shade structure is made from high-quality Hiraoka architectural PVC. This fabric is designed to be able to withstand the high winds off Western Port Bay.
  • Inviting atmosphere: The new shade structure creates a more inviting outdoor space. It has a larger coverage area than the old shade sails and is inviting in all weather conditions.
  • Dog-friendly: The new shade structure has allowed more customers to use the dog park on the foreshore because there is now more outdoor seating available even if it is raining.

Customer Feedback

Customers have been very positive about the new shade structure at Pelikan Societe Hastings. They have said that it is more durable, aesthetically pleasing, inviting, and dog-friendly than the old shade sails. They have also said that it makes the outdoor area a more comfortable place to sit and enjoy a meal or a drink, even with their dogs.


The new shade structure at Pelikan Society Hastings has been a great success. It has improved the atmosphere and dog-friendliness of the outdoor area.

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