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Welcome to Peninsula Shade Sails, the leading provider of superior quality shade sails in Bayside and the rest of Victoria. We offer homeowners, schools, businesses, architects, and municipalities a bespoke and high-quality shade solution to mitigate the harsh effects of the sun while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of their outdoor spaces. Since 1995, our reputation has been built on delivering durable solutions from Frankston to Carrum Downs, Traralgon to Dandenong, and across the Mornington Peninsula.

Experience the Tranquillity with Our Shade Sails in Bayside

An elegant shade sail can provide a sense of tranquillity whilst protecting you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Here in Bayside, people love outdoor activities, and a well-designed shade sail over your garden, playground, pool, or outdoor leisure space can protect you from the harsh sun, making every moment enjoyable. With high UV protection, weather resistance, and aesthetic appeal, our shade sails ensure your space becomes an oasis of relaxation. Whether you’re socialising, taking a swim, or playing on the playground, our shade sails ensure every moment you spend outdoors is worth it.

Discover a World of Sophisticated Shade Sails

Crafted for durability and combined with charming aesthetic design, our shade sail solutions combine the beauty of elegance and the functionality of protection. Paying special attention to individual necessity, every shade sail installation is unique and custom-made, adding that special shade effect to your space. We offer a range of products from standard to premium, specifically tailored to match your specifications and within your budget.

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Why Choose Peninsula Shade Sails for Shade Sails in Bayside?

● High-Quality Materials: Crafted using PTFE threads, our shade sails are made from high-grade stainless steel fittings and pre-stented shade cloth, which ensures long-term use.

● Custom Design: We not only provide shade solutions but also help create an atmosphere through our custom designs that perfectly blend with your property’s aesthetics.

● Expert Installation: Our installation team carefully instals your shade sails, ensuring precision and quality in every detail.

● Versatile and Aesthetic: With versatile shapes and sizes, our shade sails add an architectural touch to your property, making it a landmark in Bayside.

● Warranty: We stand by our workmanship. That’s why our shade sails come with a full warranty and guarantee.

● Positive Customer Reviews: Our customers love the work we do, and their positive reviews and testimonials are a testament to our quality.

The Art of Choosing the Right Shade Structure

Choosing the right shade sail for your property can be confusing, given the various factors to consider such as the material, colour, size, and shape. But don’t worry! At Peninsula Shade Sails, we’re more than happy to guide you through this process, educating you on everything you need to know about shade sails installations. From providing information about different shade sail materials to helping you understand the specifics of shade sail structures, our team is there every step of the way to ensure you pick the perfect shade sail to meet your specific needs.

Let’s Create Your Ideal Outdoor Space

Imagine an outdoor living space that adds an architectural touch, provides the shade you need, and enhances the overall aesthetics of your home, school, or commercial property? With Peninsula Shade Sails, this dream can become a reality! Call us today on 1800 501 084 to discuss your project. If you’re in Bayside or the surrounding areas of Moorabbin, Windsor, or Cheltenham, let’s elevate your outdoor experience with a shade solution customised just for you.

Who we are

Since our establishement in 1995, our central aim has been to provide the highest quality shade products available. We seek to acheive this though detailed design, effecient installation and utlising the best avaliable supplies on the market.

About Us

Frequently Asked Questions for Shade Sails Bayside

What are the benefits of getting a shade sail installed in Bayside?

The benefits of installing a shade sail in Bayside include protection from harmful UV rays, high durability, aesthetic enhancement of our outdoor space, weather resistance, tranquillity, and an extended time to enjoy outdoor activities.

How does Peninsula Shade Sails ensure the high quality of their shade sails in Bayside?

Peninsula Shade Sails ensures the high quality of our shade sails through the use of high-quality materials like PTFE threads, high-grade stainless steel fittings, and pre-stented shade cloth. We also stand by our workmanship, offering a full warranty and guarantee on our shade sails.

Does Peninsula Shade Sails offer custom designs for their shade sails in Bayside?

Yes, Peninsula Shade Sails offers custom designs that blend perfectly with your property’s aesthetics, adding a unique and special shade effect to your space.

What help does Peninsula Shade Sails provide when choosing the right shade sail structure in Bayside?

Peninsula Shade Sails helps you understand the specifics of shade sail structures and provides information about different shade sail materials. Our team is there every step of the way to ensure you pick the perfect shade sail to meet your specific needs.

How can I contact Peninsula Shade Sails for a customised shade solution in Bayside?

You can contact Peninsula Shade Sails for a customised shade solution by calling us on 1800 501 084. We are dedicated to elevating your outdoor experience with a bespoke shade sail that fits your specifications and budget.

Corner Bottleshop

We can not speak highly enough of the Peninsula Shade Sale team. Consistent service, repairs, and after sales service keep Tim and the team at Peninsula Shade Sales at the top of our list. 4 years of great service!

Kim McCarthy

Somerville Kindergarten’s new shade sail looks amazing. Many thanks to Tim, Bronwyn and the team at Peninsula Shade Sails to help us navigate the lengthy process to install the sail over our swing set. Without your help and follow up, it may never have become a reality. The children at kinder will benefit every day from it.


A huge thank you to Tim and the team at Peninsula Shade Sails.
We are extremely pleased with our sails and are more than happy to recommend this company. Defiantly 5 Stars
Vicki & Mark Ferguson

Brett Rowlands

As manager of the Rosebud RSL, I engaged Peninsula Shade Sails to complete a project for us in our garden/memorial area. They were professional, works were completed as quoted and the end result is visually better than I expected. Happy to recommend for any similar projects

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