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Elevate Your Lifestyle with Our Premium Outdoor Shade Sails

Protect Your Family and Home From Harmful UV Rays​

Tired of enduring the relentless sun’s rays while attempting to relish your garden, patio, balcony, or pool? Your search ends here! Our shade sails are designed to transform your domestic outdoor experience, providing cool comfort and safeguarding your loved ones from harmful UV exposure.

Unveil the Magic of Shade Sails:

Our shade sails offer a versatile solution to elevate your outdoor lifestyle. Whether for your balcony, garden, rear deck, an alfresco area, or a functional carport, our shade sails seamlessly blend aesthetics with function to enhance any space.

The Power of Sun Protection:

  1. UV Defense: Our shade sails stand as a shield against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Prioritise the health of your family by shielding them from the risks of excessive sun exposure.
  2. Enhanced Safety: Protect your loved ones from the adverse effects of UV rays, which can lead to skin damage, premature aging, and even skin cancer. Our shade sails serve as a crucial defense mechanism against these risks.

Embrace a Cool and Stylish Lifestyle:

  1. Optimal Comfort: Experience a remarkable drop in temperature as our shade sails provide a cool oasis in your outdoor spaces. Relax, entertain, and unwind without the discomfort of sweltering heat.
  2. Aesthetic Appeal: Elevate your property’s visual charm with our diverse range of elegant shade sail designs. From bold hues to contemporary patterns, our sails seamlessly complement your outdoor aesthetics.

The Reliability You Deserve:

  1. Built to Last: Crafted from premium materials, our domestic shade sails boast impressive durability, ensuring they withstand the harshest weather conditions. Enjoy the benefits of our sails for years to come.
  2. Effortless Installation: Designed for easy setup, our shade sails transform your spaces swiftly, allowing you to create your shaded haven promptly.


High Quality Outdoor Shade Sails – Custom Designed For Your Space

If your looking for a high quality shade solution for your residential / domestic application you’ve come to the right place. Since starting from our small sail makers loft in Mornington back in 1997 We’ve have covered almost every household area imaginable from decks, patios, children’s play areas, fern gardens, carports right through to dog kennels!

Do you have a deck that isn’t square? a drive way where space is limited? The flexablity of textile shade solutions along with our knowledge and expertise means that there aren’t many spaces we can’t design a solution for. Please view the shade projects gallery at the bottom of the page to get and understanding of what might be possible for your space.   

At Peninsula Shade Sails, we take pride in all our work ensuring all our made to measure shade sails and shade structures are built to last.

If you’re searching for a professional installer you can rely on our 20years of experience. We service all areas of Melbourne, ensuring prompt and cost-effective installation. 

We offer a free measure and quote service, so call today to arrange your shade project!

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Shade Sail Benefits


Sun Protection:

Our shade sails are engineered to provide excellent sun protection, safeguarding you and your loved ones from the dangers of excessive sun exposure. Enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about sunburns or heatstroke.

Cool Comfort:

With our shade sails elegantly covering your domestic spaces, you’ll experience cooler temperatures. Create a cozy oasis where you can unwind, entertain, and enjoy without the discomfort of intense heat.

Stylish Designs:

Elevate your home’s curb appeal with our diverse range of stylish and modern shade sail designs. From vibrant colours to contemporary patterns, our sails will effortlessly complement your residential area.

 Durable Quality:

Crafted from high-quality materials, our shade sails are built to withstand the elements. Rain or shine, they remain resilient, ensuring you can enjoy their benefits for years to come.

Easy Installation:

Our well designed shade sails along with our knowledgable installation team make for a quick and hassel free installation of your residential shade sail. Transform your spaces in no time and start reaping the rewards of a shaded outdoor haven.


Residential Shade Sail and Triax Shade Pergola

Shade Sail Frequently Asked Questions

Why do shade sails needs curves in the perimeter?

The curve in the perimeter of a shade sail is necessary as it pulls tension through the sail. This means the centre of the fabric is held nice and tight, minimizing any sail movement.

The amount of curvature depends on the size of the sail. Generally, the curvature sits anywhere between 5 to 10 percent of the edge length. i.e. if the sail edge (point to point) is 5 metres long, it will have up to 50 cm of curve (dip) in the centre.

What are the types of Residential Shade sails

Shade sails for residential have no limits with us we provide all types of shade sails for example:

Domestic Shade Sails
Residential Shade Sails
Pergola Shade Sails
Patio Shade Sails
Backyard Shade Sails
Garden Shade Sails
Deck Shade Sails
Courtyard Shade Sails
Outdoor shade sails
Home Shade Sails
Family Shade Sails
DIY Shade Sails
Carport Sail Shade
Pool Sail Shades
Large Shade Sails

Give us a call at 1800 501 084 we are here to help.

Do all shade sail colours have the same UV block?
It is important to know that not all shade sail colours block out UV to the same degree. This should be taken into account when selecting your desired shade sail fabric colour.

The metric used to determine how much UV a shade sail fabric can block is called UVR% (Ultra Violet Radiation Percentage). As such, it indicates the percentage of UV A and UV B rays blocked out by a particular shade sail fabric.

Generally, the darker the colour of the chosen shade sail fabric, the greater the UV protection it will provide. Black fabric has a UVR% of approximately 97, meaning 97 percent of the UV A and UV B rays are blocked by the fabric. In contrast, white shade sail fabric will have an average UVR% of 90.

Are shade sails waterproof?
Traditional shade sail fabrics are not completely waterproof. The fabric is quite a tight knit, which will cause about 60-70 percent of the water to run off the shade sail from the lowest sloping corner, in a heavy downpour it is not uncommon for some rain to fall through the fabric in the form of a light mist.

For those who are looking for fabrics to protect them from all weather, rain or shine, we offer a range of architectural PVC fabrics that are all fully waterproof. Please see our waterproof shade solutions here.

How long will the installation of my shade sails take?
The turnaround process from the installation of posts and fittings to the hanging of the shade sail generally takes around one month. Depending on the season, the installation lead time may vary however.

With all projects, there are always a few stages involved. Firstly, we come out to quote, then posts and fittings are installed at the site. Measurements are taken on-site at this stage to ensure the shade sail is made to utmost specifications. The next step is for the shade sail to be plotted, sewn and then installed at the site.

Due to high demand, lead-time in summer can often be greater. For more information and a more detailed document on our process please see our installation page here.

Do shade sails need ongoing maintenance?

Tender loving care for you sails never goes astray. Here’s what we recommend:

After an initial first tension check, which should occur approximately 6 months after the shade sail is installed, shade sails should only need tensioned (tightened), once every couple of years.

It is important that your shade sail is kept in a tensioned state to prevent excess movement to make this as simple as possible we fit most sails with tensioning turnbuckles in each corner. Simply turn the turnbuckle body to add or reduce tension and then using a spanner tighten the locking nut down to the body to ensure the tension is maintained.

A member of our team can show you how to do this when the shade sail is installed. Otherwise, if you would prefer us to come to site at another time, we are able to provide this service as well.

Can my shade sails stay up all year round?
We are building your shade sail with the intent of it being a permanent structure.

As such, it should not need to be removed during the cooler months. However, some customers with a shade sail close to their house like to remove their shade sail in winter to allow more natural light into their living areas during the less sunny seasons.

Can my shade sails be cleaned?

Like any fabric, over time, your shade sail may require cleaning. To cater for this, Peninsula Shade Sails offers a full cleaning service. We will come out to visit you, check all fixing points, remove the sail and take it off site, clean and then come back to reinstall the sail. This process generally takes a couple of weeks, so as to ensure an adequate cleaning process. For more information on our cleaning services, please see our maintenance page here.


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