Shade Cloth

Ricky Richards


Ideal for small to medium sails/shade structures, umbrellas, pergola/patio covers and
privacy screens.
High density polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament and tape filament | High UVR protection
(Up to 95%) | Mildew and mould resistant | 12 modern colours | High tensile strength |
Roll length 50 metres | Roll width 3.7 metres wide straight unfolded | Roll weight 60kg


Ferroshade can be used for commercial growing and provides wind protection in the horticulture industry. Like all Ricky shade fabrics, Ferroshade is ideal for shade sails and structures at various locations, including car parks, playgrounds, theme parks, swimming pools, sporting areas, schools and council recreation areas, as well as for all domestic applications.

Coolshade Shade Cloth Colours
Polyfab Comshade Colour options - Shade cloth



Comshade is the ideal option for medium domestic and commercial shade cloth applications. It offers excellent weight to strength ratio as well as a stylish colour selection.

This is the ideal shade cloth to use in backyards, domestic carports and swimming pool areas, and medium sized commercial outdoor meeting areas.Comshade allows for high tensile loadings and the fabric is heat set, making it easy to use as it lays flat. This means there’s no curling or rolling up when marked out, cut or sewn, saving you time and costs. An extensive colour selection accompanies the range.

Comshade has less shrinkage and is more stable than other shade cloths, while maintaining high strength and over 90% UV protection. Weight: 330gsm


Xtra offers up to 99.8% UVR block, making it the market leader in sun protection and ideal for use in large commercial shade structures.

Weight: 400gsm
Dimensions: 4m x 40m

Xtra is the next generation in shade protection. Xtra offers both fabricators and consumers a host of benefits. Across all Polyfab Xtra colours, our average UVR block is 99.1%, with 99.8% UVR block in the darkest colours – significantly exceeding any other shade cloth on the market for UV protection.

The new colour range is a combination of 14 traditional and contemporary colours – Colorbond® inspired colours compliment many commercial exteriors.



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