Shade Cloth

Ricky Richards


Ideal for small to medium sails/shade structures, umbrellas, pergola/patio covers and
privacy screens.
High density polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament and tape filament | High UVR protection
(Up to 95%) | Mildew and mould resistant | 12 modern colours | High tensile strength |
Roll length 50 metres | Roll width 3.7 metres wide straight unfolded | Roll weight 60kg


Ferroshade can be used for commercial growing and provides wind protection in the horticulture industry. Like all Ricky shade fabrics, Ferroshade is ideal for shade sails and structures at various locations, including car parks, playgrounds, theme parks, swimming pools, sporting areas, schools and council recreation areas, as well as for all domestic applications.

Coolshade Shade Cloth Colours
Polyfab Comshade Colour options - Shade cloth



Comshade is the ideal option for medium domestic and commercial shade cloth applications. It offers excellent weight to strength ratio as well as a stylish colour selection.

This is the ideal shade cloth to use in backyards, domestic carports and swimming pool areas, and medium sized commercial outdoor meeting areas.Comshade allows for high tensile loadings and the fabric is heat set, making it easy to use as it lays flat. This means there’s no curling or rolling up when marked out, cut or sewn, saving you time and costs. An extensive colour selection accompanies the range.

Comshade has less shrinkage and is more stable than other shade cloths, while maintaining high strength and over 90% UV protection. Weight: 330gsm


Xtra offers up to 99.8% UVR block, making it the market leader in sun protection and ideal for use in large commercial shade structures.

Weight: 400gsm
Dimensions: 4m x 40m

Xtra is the next generation in shade protection. Xtra offers both fabricators and consumers a host of benefits. Across all Polyfab Xtra colours, our average UVR block is 99.1%, with 99.8% UVR block in the darkest colours – significantly exceeding any other shade cloth on the market for UV protection.

The new colour range is a combination of 14 traditional and contemporary colours – Colorbond® inspired colours compliment many commercial exteriors.



Rainbow Shade


Rainbow Shade z16 is a lightweight fabric, at 200GSM, which is coupled with it being particularly long-lasting and sturdy in the elements. It features a high tensile strength, making it especially suitable for large-scale shade constructions. You will also appreciate how low-maintenance this winning shade cloth is.

Rainbow Shade z16 offers the highest UV protection factor at up to 99%, and will also reduce heat and the intensity of glare. Tests have demonstrated it as the superior shade cloth for UPF over a 15-year time-span, making it an ideal choice when protection from the sun’s rays are your priority.

Extreme 32

Rainbow Shade eXtreme 32 is a heavy-duty shade cloth of extreme strength and durability. It has a GSM of 320, making it one of the heaviest shade cloths around, and it is fully compliant with the industry standard for fire resistance AS 1530.3. It is designed for large spans. It comes in a range of 14 attractive and fashionable colours in a palette of neutrals, dark tones and primary colours.

Rainbow Shade eXtreme offers high UV protection factor at up to 95.8% and is very easy care. It is superior in strength, is tear-resistant, highly stable and resilient and extremely durable, making it perfect for longlasting structures that will withstand high weather while protecting people and property from the sun.


Z16 Rainbow Shade - Shade Cloth - Desinger Colour Guide
Gale Commercial Ninety five 95 shade cloth colours

Gale Pacific

Commercial Ninety Five 340

The Commercial 95 340 has been engineered here in Australia for our harsh climatic conditions from high-quality UV-stabilised HDPE. It is 100% lead and phthalate-free. Its UPF range is high, at 89.3% – 97.7%, making it safe for use as protection from the sun. The Commercial 95 340 is also a green product that is 100% recyclable, as certified by Greenguard® and Oeko-Tex®.

The Commercial 95 340 comes in a range of 15 classic shades, one of which will be perfect for the architectural shade structure for your business or organisation.

  • Tusted name in Commercial knitted fabric with over 25 years of market usage in the world’s harshest condition
  • Manufactured with 100% virgin grade polymers ensuring fabric consistency and performance
  • Strong HDPE results in a fabric that is recyclable and won’t rot or absorb moisture.
  • Stentered (heat-set) to reduce shrinkage once installed and for ease of fabrication.
  • Full 15-year UV degradation warranty on fabric.
  • 100% Lead, Phthalate and PFAS free
  • Greenguard® and Oeko-Tex ® certified

 Commercial Heavy 430FR

Durability and FR compliance are now combined to create a premium fabric that provides maximum stability. It is also endorsed by Cancer Council, Australia’s foremost not-for-profit organisation for cancer prevention and support.

Enquire about this product Read documentation

Architectural Shade Fabric specifically engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions on large scale tension structures.

Made from 100% round monofilament and designed using with a patented intertwining knit pattern, Commercial Heavy 430 features superior biaxial and load bearing performance for optimum shade and tensioning endurance.

Commercial Heavy 430 offers up to 87.5% UVR Block protection and is available in 16 popular colours, making it easier than ever to complement existing design elements and colour schemes.

Our FR fabrics meet the most stringent Fire Standards for shade fabrics including CSFM 1237.1 & NFPA 701 across all color variants with fabrics that offer biaxial stability and tensile properties, for minimal maintenance and improved fabric life.


HVG Fabrics



Extrablock is a world leading knitted HDPE shadecloth made to exacting quality standards. With its excellent UV protection factors and superb Flame Retardant characteristics Extrablock is the shadecloth of choice for all applications both domestic and commercial. From shade around the house to covering that pool right up to the largest of shade structures over carparks and courts. Manufactured using 16 gauge monofilament and tape, Extrablock has high tensile strength and near equal elongation in warp, weft and bias directions.


  • 3m wide
  • Available Per Metre or Full Roll (50 metres)
  • 95% UV Protection (approx)
  • Fabric Weight – 320gsm
  • Manufactured from UV Stabilised HDPE using a knitted construction
  • Combination of Heavy Duty Monofilament thread and Tape construction
  • Physically Stronger then Standard, Domestic and Horticultural Shadecloth and is designed for use where maximum strength and sun protection is required
  • Heat Set stentoring process which is an extra step during the manufacture process designed to reduce fabric shrinkage and make the fabric more stable and easy to work with.
  • Flame Retardant – California Fire Marshall Approved (Colours marked with *)
  • 12-Year Manufacturers Warranty against UV Breakdown (Conditions Apply)


Beige: UVR 93.4% (VE) Shade 86.1%
Carnival Red: UVR 95.3% (ME) Shade 83.9%
Charcoal*: UVR 94.4% (VE) Shade 93.3%
Cream: UVR 91.5% (VE)  Shade 76.3%
Forest Green*: UVR 95.7% (ME) Shade 93.4%
Latte*: UVR 95.3% (VE) Shade 92.1%
Lime*: UVR 91.7% (VE) Shade 85.2%
Midnight (Black)*: UVR 96.2% (ME) Shade 96%
Mint*: UVR 95.8% (ME) Shade 93.1%
Navy Blue*: UVR 94.7% (VE) Shade 93.6%
Purple: UVR 92.3% (VE) Shade 88%
Silver*: UVR 87.3% (E) Shade 87.1%
Sunblaze*: UVR 94.4% (VE) Shade 91.3%
True Blue*: UVR 94.4% (VE) Shade 90.3%
Yellow: UVR 93.2% (VE) Shade 74.3%

Solar Block

Solarblock™ is a high quality knitted shadecloth with a mass of 200gsm. Manufactured in a
convenient 3m width Solarblock™ is supplied folded for ease of transport and delivery.
Manufactured using the latest technology and machinery Solarblock™ was designed by
Australians for Australians. Solarblock™ is constructed using the all familiar Z pattern which
has been used extensively and successfully throughout Australia for the last 20 years.
Unlike some other shadecloth fabrics Solarblock™ has a very good aspect ratio, which is
the ratio of the strength in the warp compared to the strength in the weft. This makes it
ideal for fit and forget installation.
Solarblock™ has extremely high shade factors and its UVR block is up to 98.7% with a UPF
factor of 78 so it provides an excellent defence against the worst of the suns damage.
Remember shade is only one part of a full UV protection programme Slip, Slop, Slap, Shade
Manufactured from quality HDPE resins Solarblock™ will not rot or absorb moisture.
Solarblock™ has a 12 year UV warranty.
Solarblock™ is designed mainly for small to medium sized, structures and canopies in both domestic and light commercial applications.

HVG Fabric - Extrablock Shade Cloth - Colours
Monotec Shadecloth - 370 Series - Colours

Monotec Pro-Knit Industries

Monotec 370 Series

Developed as an “install and forget” shade cloth, Monotec 370 Series shade cloth is the perfect solution for shade sails and structures. Uniquely made using only 100% round monofilament HDPE yarns, Monotec 370 Series provides consistent protection to people and property in the harsh Australian climate.

Monotec 370 Series shade cloth is resistant to UV rays and is supported by an industry leading 15 year warranty. The sturdy fabric construction of round monofilament yarns will not stretch over time assuring the integrity of your structure’s stability for many years to come.



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