The Process of a Sail Shade

Sun safety is an important factor for all Australians. The more conscious people become of the harmful effects of UV rays, the more they seek out preventative measures that not only create the desired shelter from the sun, but are also well designed to compliment the Australian outdoor lifestyle.

Considering a shade sail for your sun-soaked areas has an array of benefits. Furthermore, the process to have one made especially for you is a lot easier than you would think. See our simple 4-step process below:

Our installation team has many years of shade sail installation experience. They are also fully inducted in appropriate Occupational Health and Safety standards.
After this, you are then more than half way to your new shaded retreat!


A design expert from the Peninsula Shade Sails team will visit you at the site you wish to install the shade sail. Over a consultation of approximately an hour, we will be able to determine your shade needs. We will will provide you with the following:

  • Advice on the best design of shade sail for your space
  • 2D diagram of the proposed shade sail installation, to aid with visualising the end result
  • Comprehensive quote for the project; steel, material, fittings, installation
  • Work Agreement for your consideration, which also includes fabric colour selection
On-Site Measure
Post And Fitting Installation


Once you are happy with your design and are ready to let the experts transform your space, it’s important to return the Work Agreement given to you during the On-Site Measure. At this stage, the posts and fittings will be installed, which will be the parts that hold up your shade sail material. This work generally takes about one day to complete, dependent on the size of the project. The posts are generally heavy-gauge, factory-galvanised steel and can be power coated in any one of a great array of colours to suit your space and style. All posts and fitting workmanship is guaranteed for 3+ years.


Once the posts and fittings are installed, measurements are taken from the fully installed posts. This ensures a precise fit of the shade sail into the fitted posts. A CAD digital design program is then used to determine the very best shade sail measurements for your space. This design is then handed over to a skilled craftsperson who then plots, cuts and sews the sail. Most of this work is undertaken in-house in our own factory in Mornington. Once the shade sail sewing is complete and a quality check has been conducted on the sail, a time will be arranged to hang your shade sail onto the existing posts and fittings.

The Crafting Of The Sail
Hanging Of The Sail


Our installation team will visit you again to complete this final stage. They will hang your shade sail and confirm all fittings and posts are in perfect order. You are then ready to enjoy your outdoor space with plenty of natural light, and superior shade protection. Peninsula Shade Sails provides clients with solutions to meet their individual requirements. We pride ourselves on really listening to your vision for the space we’re working with. We handle the entire process ourselves, from measurement and installation to engineering detail and permit applications.

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