Shade Sail Installation

The first step in the installation of a shade sail is the initial consultation with one of our shade design experts. This normally takes around one hour. Once we understand your shade needs, we will advise on the best project design, taking into consideration available post locations and building fittings. Once complete, our shade consultant will provide you with a 2-D diagram and a costing for the project.
After the project is approved, we will prepare all the necessary posts and fittings. When these are ready, we will arrange a day that works for the client for the installation of posts and fittings. Our installation team are all in-house staff who are highly trained and understand the specifics requirements of building tension structures. The installation of posts and fittings for a standard shade sail configuration is a full day – beginning in the morning with the digging of the post holes. These are usually concreted into place at around midday. Finally, the fittings are installed into the building and the sail is then measured.
The site sail measurements are run through our computer design software to equate for height variation in the sail to produce a ‘cut sheet’. This is where our skilled sail craftsperson then plots, cuts and sews the sail. When the sail is ready, we will call to arrange a time for our installers to come and hang and tension the sail. This process normal only takes one hour.

Click on the image below to download our PDF of the process timeline

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