Architectural Cantilever Umbrella Installation

Site Brief

During the initial site consultation with our client (private gym) several key objectives were raised.

1. To minimise obstructions to the gyms patrons particularly children running between the playground and the seating area.

2. Provide a Water-proof area.

3. Structure had to integrate well with landscaping and modern building surrounds.

Given these objectives a cantilever umbrella was the best option, black powder coating for the frame and a ‘cappuccino’ water-proof PVC fabric were chosen to provide a feature that integrated well to the site.


Footing Installation

Stage 1. Footing Installation

The initial stage in the installation of a cantilever umbrella is to pour the concrete footing. In order to counter act the high wind loadings present in a cantilever water-proof structure a very wide and deep concrete pier is required.

Umbrella frame assembly

Stage 2. Umbrella frame assembly

Once the concrete pier has been allowed to dry the umbrella frame can then be assembled. The umbrella frame is separated into manageable sections which are then bolted together. Firstly the main column is bolted down to the pier and levelled off. Then the ‘goose neck’ is set to the desired angle and bolted onto the top of the column. Finally the top section and umbrella arms are bolted into to place.

PVC canopy installation and tensioning

Stage 3. PVC canopy installation and tensioning

Once the frame is assembled the waterproof fabric canopy can be installed. This process is a two person operation on a day with still winds. Once the canopy is in place the stainless steel tensioners in the four corners can be attached and tension applied to the panel until all the curved edges pull the fabric very taught, locking nuts are applied and the umbrella is ready to provide years of sun and rain protection.

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