Shade Sail Replacement

With our dedication to quality fabrication starting from teflon threads and high grade architectural shade cloth continuing through to our time proven fabrication methods, we fully expect our shade sails to last 13-15 years. Unfortunately the time will come when your faithful shade sail will need to be replaced the good news is this is a fantastic opportunity to give your property a face lift with new shade cloth colours being added every few years.

Didn’t quite get 10years? Unfortunately not all suppliers share our dedication to the art of sail making and may have used a cheaper cloth or cotton thread. We can conduct a full shade sail audit inspecting the post and fittings ensuring they are the appropriate gauge and not damaged in anyway then make you a replacement sail you will see the full value from.

The shade sails replacement process is extremely simple. simply contact us today we will come check the fitting, measure sail and install the new sail in a matter of weeks.

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