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Every day over spring, summer and autumn thousands of people are sunburnt while working or relaxing out doors. U.V. radiation (UVR) is powerful and invisible - it passes through clouds and is not related to temperature - thus there can still be a lot of UVR on cool and/or cloudy days. UVR reaches its peak in January after increasing rapidly in October, and decreasing again during March. But even in winter there is often a significant amount of UVR. Shade Sails can protect from UVR with a design freedom not possible in other building mediums.

Shade Sails are an innovative method of shading many different areas. Sails can be big or small to cover areas from a small fernery or window to a large playground, deck or pool.

Peninsula Shade Sails is here to help in this fight against URV and the resulting sunburn or even skin cancer.

Using the latest design technology we at Peninsula shade sail can provide the customer with full designs and then show them how much shade their design will afford even if the sun is down or hiding behind a cloud.

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